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Welcome to LVDICE! Our goal is to provide local competitors with lots of information and to encourage participation in our events. If you would like your event or a promo posted, just "speak"! 



WHEN: Sundays, May 19, Jun 23, Jul 21, Aug 18, Sept 15. Set-up is from 12pm-12:30pm, Fun Runs from 12:30pm-3pm

Entry: Free for LVDICE members, $10 per dog for non-members. Cash or Vegas Vouchers only!

Where: Smartypaws South, 4544 W Russell Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89118

Details: Any dog with any level of agility training is welcome. Set-up will be an intermediate level agility course consisting of 15-18 obstacles. Each run will consist of 45 seconds to use the ring to run the course, or to train in a "trial" setting. Toy rewarding and closed treat rewards (remote dispensers/bait plates, etc...) allowed in ring, but please NO loose food in ring. Novice and experienced dogs are encouraged.

Novice & pre-competition dogs: This is an great opportunity to expose your dog to a “trial” setting while gaining valuable ring experience. The 2019-2020 agility competition season starts in September and we welcome your participation! LVDICE’s Novice Ambassador Program can ease your competition nerves with guidance from a seasoned agility competitor on all things competition; from how to fill out entry forms, to what to expect at a trial, to how to collect ribbons. Come enjoy becoming a part the Las Vegas agility community.

What to bring: Crate for your dog; a folding chair; water for both you and your dog; battery-powered CRATE FAN recommended!

Questions: Email:


VST PASS! Steve Herwig and Champion Tracker Crystal

On February 25, 2018, Gamblers Agility Club Of Greater Las Vegas held a Variable Surface Tracking Test. In the words of one competitor "The VST is not for sissys". The Variable Surface Test is the most challenging of the tracking events and with just an 11% pass rate, an VST Title is indeed an great accomplishment to earn. 

From "AKC tracking events are the competition form of canine search and rescue. These Tracking events provide training for dogs and their handlers to meet some human needs for tracking and finding lost humans or other animals, as well as, demonstrating the extremely high level of scent capability that dogs possess.

We've all seen movies with dogs following the trail of an escapee through swamps. The AKC's Tracking Tests allow dogs to demonstrate their natural ability to recognize and follow human scent. This vigorous outdoor activity is great for canine athletes. In the real world, dogs track through urban settings, as well as through wilderness. A VST dog has demonstrated this ability by following [an over 600 yard track that is aged] three to five-hour-old track that may take him down a street, through a building and other areas devoid of vegetation."

With great weather and grounds, and five tracks laid, GACGLV is proud to congratulate all the competitors at this years and best of all, we had one passing dog. BIG congratulations to our very own Steve Herwig and Crystal (CT Landstar’s Diamond In The Ruff TDX TDU VST OA OAJ OF CGC)!!!  

THANK YOU to each exhibitor who was awarded a track. They shared their enthusiasm and lessons learned about their track and showed great positive sportsmanship. THANK YOU to our judges Pia Paulsen and Stephanie A Gonyeau for your passion for this sport and the numerous hours you spent preparing for and fulfilling your judging assignments. Thank you to Karin Fastow for handling the paperwork at Trial Secretary. And THANK YOU to our volunteer tracklayers, Pat Shaw, Cheryl Alfred and Karin Fastow, who laid the stink down!


New regs for Table, "Four Paw Rule", etc.

Effective May 1, 2018 the following changes have been approved by the AKC Board of Directors.

Chapter 5, Section 5. Removal of Mandatory Elimination for Table Fault
Changes the judging of the table from a Failure (a non-qualifying fault) to a Wrong Course if the dog engages another obstacle then comes back to finish the table count. This makes the judging consistent with all other obstacles on the course and removes the unique judging for the table. This would also potentially allow Novice and Open teams to qualify since it changes this call from non-qualifying to a wrong course which on its own is not a non-qualifying call.

Chapter 5, Section 5. Added Mandatory Elimination for Handler Touch
9. Handler touching any obstacle prior to completion of the course.

This change clarifies that handlers will receive a non-qualifying score if they touch any piece of equipment during a run. It removes the subjectivity of if the handler touching any obstacle aided the dog’s performance.

Chapter 5, Section 6. Removal of the "Four Paw Rule".

6. Four Paw Rule. If a dog commits all four feet on any ascent portion of a contact obstacle and fails to negotiate the ascent side of that obstacle, the judge shall instruct the handler to move the dog on to the next obstacle. If the dog re-engages the obstacle with one or more paws, the dog shall be excused.

By removing this line, dogs will be allowed to reattempt all contact obstacles if they initially had 4 paws (or less) on the upside of the contact and come off. Once they have started the descent they may not reattempt if they exit the obstacle prior to touching the down contact. Further judging information will be published in the blog and added to the Guidelines prior to May 1, 2018.

See the full artcle on new regulations.


AKC Premier Agility Classes - Eligibility Change

The following change to the Agility Regulations will become effective June 1, 2018.

The Board VOTED to approve a recommendation to amend Chapter 11, Section 2, of the Agility Regulations to allow all dogs to be eligible to enter the Agility Premier classes. Prior to this change, Premier classes were limited to dogs eligible to compete at the Master level.

Chapter 11. Premier Class
Section 2. Eligibility. The Premier class has a single class level. Dogs eligible to enter Novice, Open, Excellent or Master level classes may enter the Premier class.

AKC has further clarified that if you reach Masters Level within the qualifying period for AKC Nationals, all Premier points earned within that qualifying period will apply toward the dog's qualification, even those earned while the dog was not yet in Masters.