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NEW!! B Match - February 16, 2018

B Match!! B Match!! B Match!!

Gambler's Agility Club of Greater Las Vegas will be holding a B Match on Friday February 16, 2018

  • Set-up for the weekend’s trial must be complete (Setup time is 3:00pm).
  • Approximate start time 5:30pm, and end time 7:30pm.
  • Cost:
    • $3.00 per run if you arrive by 3:30pm and help with set up
    • $5.00 per run if you are unable to help with set up
  • A Standard course will be set-up and a run may consist of:
    • Running your dog in the numbered order (2 course options will be available).
    • Using your allotted time in the ring as you wish for training purposes and equipment familiarization. 
  • Each team will be given 1 minute of ring time per run. 
  • You may run your dog as many times as the 2 hour time frame allows, based on the number of dogs that attend the match. 

Please familiarize yourself with AKC sanctioned B match regulations, however, note that you may use toys, training aids such as target plates, tons of praise, but NO FOOD IN THE RING.

Train, don’t complain! Run have some fun! Help set-up, stay and play!