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WHEN: Sundays, May 19, Jun 23, Jul 21, Aug 18, Sept 15. Set-up is from 12pm-12:30pm, Fun Runs from 12:30pm-3pm

Entry: Free for LVDICE members, $10 per dog for non-members. Cash or Vegas Vouchers only!

Where: Smartypaws South, 4544 W Russell Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89118

Details: Any dog with any level of agility training is welcome. Set-up will be an intermediate level agility course consisting of 15-18 obstacles. Each run will consist of 45 seconds to use the ring to run the course, or to train in a "trial" setting. Toy rewarding and closed treat rewards (remote dispensers/bait plates, etc...) allowed in ring, but please NO loose food in ring. Novice and experienced dogs are encouraged.

Novice & pre-competition dogs: This is an great opportunity to expose your dog to a “trial” setting while gaining valuable ring experience. The 2019-2020 agility competition season starts in September and we welcome your participation! LVDICE’s Novice Ambassador Program can ease your competition nerves with guidance from a seasoned agility competitor on all things competition; from how to fill out entry forms, to what to expect at a trial, to how to collect ribbons. Come enjoy becoming a part the Las Vegas agility community.

What to bring: Crate for your dog; a folding chair; water for both you and your dog; battery-powered CRATE FAN recommended!

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