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Welcome to LVDICE! Our goal is to provide local competitors with lots of information and to encourage participation in our events. If you would like your event or a promo posted, just "speak"! 


Agility Fun Runs Hosted by LVDICE

WHEN: Sundays, August 6 and August 20, 12:30pm-4:00pm. First dog on line at 1pm. Run order is first come-first served!

Entry: $10 per dog. Estimated 3-5 runs per dog. Entry fee include all runs, depending on number of entries and how much volunteers help with ring crew. Cash or Vegas Vouchers only!

Where: Smartypaws South, 4544 W Russell Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89118

Details: Any dog with any level of agility training is welcome. Students of agility, members, non-members, all are welcome. Training with toy rewards allowed in ring.

Novice & pre-competition dogs: This is an great opportunity to expose your dog to a “trial” setting while gaining valuable ring experience. The 2017-2018 agility competition season starts in September and we welcome your participation! LVDICE’s Novice Ambassador Program can ease your competition nerves with guidance from a seasoned agility competitor on all things competition; from how to fill out entry forms, to what to expect at a trial, to how to collect ribbons. Come make and enjoy becoming a part the Las Vegas agility community.

What to bring: Crate for your dog (no x-pens or open containment); a folding chair; water for both you and your dog; CRATE FAN or cool coat recommended!, training rewards (note: no food will be allowed in the ring but toys are encouraged!).

Questions: Email:


Boulder City Release of Liability **Mandatory**

All exhibitors attending events in Boulder City MUST sign a yearly Release of Liability.

This is not optional! Here is a link to an electronic form for all of our 2017 events:

2017  Boulder City Release of Liability

If you are unable to access the link above, please Contact Us and we will email you a release form.


Change of Entry Regulations for AKC Agility

Effective February 1, 2017
Chapter 1. Regulations for Agility Trials
Section 21. Change of Entry. In addition to Move-ups as described in Chapter 1, Section 20 entries may also be changed as noted in this section. A dog which has been entered in a Novice “A” class for which it is not eligible to be entered in due to class restrictions on the dog or handler may be moved to the Novice “B” class under the following conditions:
The request for the move must be in writing and presented to the superintendent or trial secretary at least 30 minutes prior to the start of each trial. The request must state the reason and justification for the move from a Novice “A” class to the Novice “B” class.
After the close of entries a dog may be moved down in their class level (i.e., Master to Excellent). The request for the move to the class for which the dog is eligible must be in writing and submitted to the superintendent or trial secretary at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the trial.
If a VMO or Field Representative at a trial measures a dog into a height other than what they entered, the entry may be changed from Regular to Preferred or from Preferred to Regular, as long as the dog has not run any classes that day. If the dog has already run, the change may be made for the next trial day(s). The exhibitor must provide the Trial Secretary the AKC Agility Measurement Form when requesting the class change.


USDAA 2017 Jump Heights and Tournament Rules

USDAA has announced a change in the jump height performance standards and cutoffs. The new 2017 jump heights for the Championship, Performance, Veterans and Intro programs are as follows: 

This amendment to jump heights requires no equipment modifications since it utilizes jump heights currently in place. Specific amendments and modifications to the Rulebook will be made and posted under the Rules Amendment section of the Regulations eBook section of the website by December 28, 2016.

Excerpted from The Overview, Special Announcement, October 2016

More information can be found about the new heights, rules for transistioning to the new heights and new regulations for Tournements at